1.0 Employment Equity Plan

Employment equity reporting is not mandatory and so federally regulated employers may risk manage complying with this statutory requirement.

What EMC Offers:

EMC ensures the compliance of LEEP employers who have crossed the eighteen-month threshold and do not have in place an employment equity plan in compliance with the nine statutory requirements.

Our Consultants evaluate the compliance status of longstanding LEEP employers who have not been diligent in maintaining their employment equity plan.  We conduct a compliance audit, identify compliance gaps and develop, implement and provide the consulting support you require to maintain your employment equity plan.

Our Consultants determine how effectively your organization has made reasonable progress toward implementing your employment equity plan to reduce underrepresentation.

2.0 Annual Report

On or before June 1, in each year, every private sector employer must file its Employment Equity Annual Report. Employers report in a prescribed format on their employment equity performance and activities that took place in the preceding year.

What EMC Offers:

EMC Consultants partner with you to prepare and submit your Annual Report to CHRC.

3.0 Undertakings

The Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC), the regulatory agency, audits LEEP employers approximately every three to five years to assess their compliance with the obligations and statutory requirements of the Act. Some organizations may be selected randomly for a preliminary assessment audit. Others that have previously been audited may be chosen for the progress assessment phase of the audit based on criteria such as low representation, sector, size and geographic area or because of a special focus to increase representation of certain groups.

The audit may identify areas of non-compliance with the statutory requirements or may determine how effectively the employer has made reasonable progress toward implementing its employment equity plan to reduce underrepresentation.

Should your organization be found in non-compliance, the CHRC’s Compliance Review Officer will negotiate undertakings with you. Undertakings are the measures that your organization must undertake to correct deficiencies to ensure your compliance. Non-compliance is not a viable option.

What EMC Offers:

Our Consultants work with you to complete the undertakings and submit to CHRC documentation to verify that you have satisfactorily done so.

4.0 Pay Equity Compliance

We ensure that LEEP employers comply with the new Federal Pay Equity Legislation and establish pay equity plans in 2021. EMC will review and update your plan every five years

What EMC Offers:

EMC develops your Pay Equity plan.

Continuing Consulting Support

Helping our Clients Succeed

EMC is totally invested in the success of our clients. Your success is measured by your compliance with all of your obligations under the Employment Equity Act and by your internal capacity to do so. EMC partners with our clients and we bring to each engagement our strategic advice, expertise, organizational know-how and commitment to excellence.

We offer our continuing consulting support and foster networking among our clients to encourage the transference of skills and best practices.

Get Started Today!

If you are a FCP or LEEP employer and you need to comply with Employment Equity Legislation, we can help you get started. Schedule a no-obligation initial consultation with Mr. Keith Jeffers and he will clarify what ESDC and CHRC want, where you currently stand and what you need to do to comply.