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Employment equity builds workforce diversity and inclusion and improves organizational performance. It makes organizations more open, accessible and inclusive. It removes barriers to access, mobility, and employee engagement and enables employers to attract new and diverse talent and import new skills. Employment Equity is intended to address employment disadvantages experienced by talent from the four designated groups: women, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities. The goal is to achieve equality so that no person is denied employment opportunities for reasons unrelated to ability.

What makes the FCP compliance unique is that ESDC established the system of compliance assessment reporting. One year after the award of the contract, a new federal contractor submits its initial or First Year Compliance Assessment.  Every three years thereafter, the contractor submits its Subsequent Compliance Assessment.

Unlike the Federal Contractors Program, employment equity compliance for federally regulated employers is a legal requirement because is embedded in the Employment Equity Act. What’s more, is that, except for the mandatory Annual Report, LEEP employers are not required to submit regularly scheduled reports to the regulatory agency.

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