Our Core Services

We deliver compliance. We work with our clients as a strategic business partner to provide strategy, advice, tools and expertise that enable them to comply with all of their obligations as federal contractors and federally regulated employers.

Employment equity builds workforce diversity and inclusion and improves organizational performance.
The FCP requires employers to implement employment equity to achieve and maintain a workforce that is representative of the Canadian workforce.
Our team provides consulting services to federally regulated employers to meet all of their compliance obligations.
We work with organizations to develop an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategy.
We recognize that employers must dismantle the policies, practices and corporate culture that sustain systemic discrimination in their organizations.
We strengthen your HR Policy Infrastructure to ensure that it is competitive, bias free and actively supports equity, diversity and inclusion.
We ensure that LEEP employers comply with the new Federal Pay Equity Legislation and establish pay equity plans in 2021. EMC will review and update your plan every five years
We offer pay equity compliance solutions to our provincially regulated FCP clients who must comply with provincial pay equity legislation.

In 2018, the federal government announced it will add pay equity to the FCP compliance requirements. EMC shall deliver pay equity compliance to FCP employers when these requirements are added.

CHRR EMC Winners Certificate_employment-matters-consulting

As a leader in employment equity and diversity consulting, EMC won the Canadian Human Resources Reporter’s (CHRR) prestigious Readers’ Choice Award in 2016 and again in 2020. The award recognizes EMC as the best in class Diversity/Employment Equity consulting practice in the nation.