Why Choose the Employment Equity Compliance Leaders?

Earning the Trust & Respect of Our Clients

Employment Matters Consulting was established to assist Canadian corporations comply with their statutory obligations as federal contractors and federally regulated employers and implement Employment Equity and diversity in the workplace. Below are the key reasons we differ from our competition and why we have earned the trust and respect of our clients:

Subject Matter Experts

We are one of the Canadian experts invited to participate in the recently published University of Bristol (UK) comparative study of Affirmative Action in Europe and North America.

Consulting Style

We have highly developed consulting skills and the ability to relate to business leaders, bargaining agents and employees. Our consulting style is the result of years of our consulting experience in North America and internationally and our cross-industry experience.

Know the Business of the Client

We take the time to understand your business - your priorities and pressures. This enables us to develop an employment equity/diversity program that makes business sense and is aligned with your business priorities and corporate culture.

Successful Track Record

We guarantee employment equity compliance solutions and we continue to successfully deliver employment equity compliance across various industries.

Program Management Experience & Know-How

Keith Jeffers was a key architect of the Employment Equity Program for the Ontario Public Service, Canada’s second largest employer. Unlike other equity consultants, he and his team have successfully managed Employment Equity programs themselves.

We Understand the Regulatory Environment / Government Experience

We bring our senior level public sector experience and can balance the realities of business with the demands of the regulatory agencies.

We Build Internal Capacity & Will Monitor to Ensure Plan Success

We have developed a unique Employment Equity incubation service to monitor plan development and build internal capacity.

Learn How We Can Help Your Company Comply

Delivering Guaranteed Employment Equity Compliance Solutions

Every day we commit to earn the confidence and trust of our clients who are some of Canada’s most progressive companies and those who aspire to be. We do so because we deliver guaranteed employment equity compliance solutions. If you are a federal contractor or a federally regulated employer, learn how we can help your company comply.

Get Started Today!

If you are a FCP or LEEP employer and you need to comply with Employment Equity Legislation, we can help you get started. Schedule a no-obligation initial consultation with Mr. Keith Jeffers and he will clarify what ESDC and CHRC want, where you currently stand and what you need to do to comply.