Our Offerings for FCP Compliance

Strategic Business Partnership

Our partnership begins when clients initiate the bidding process on a high value contract. Here is what we do:


Manage Your Relationship with ESDC

EMC takes you through you through your obligations as a federal contractor and assesses the impact of employment equity compliance on your company’s resources, knowledge and skills. We agree on how EMC will partner with you to ensure your ongoing compliance, and how we can integrate employment equity into your company’s Talent Management and your Diversity and Inclusion strategy and program.

We help you complete the Agreement to Implement Employment Equity – AIEE – and submit to ESDC on your behalf and with your permission we manage your relationship with ESDC and resolve any employment equity compliance issue.


Deliver your First Year (Initial) Compliance Assessment to ESDC

Your First Year (initial) Compliance Assessment is due one year after the award of the contract. FCP employers must verify by documentary evidence that they have established the necessary employment equity infrastructure. The key activities and deliverables listed in the statement of work constitute that infrastructure. In subsequent compliance assessment due every three years, FCP employers must report on their employment equity progress towards the full representation of the designated groups in the workforce.

What EMC does:

  • Establish short-term and long-term numerical goals, ensuring that the goals are sufficient to increase the representation of the underrepresented designated groups.
  • Develop qualitative measures – a corporate employment equity plan, accountability mechanisms goals, initiatives, bias-free policies and practices – to enable clients to meet short-term goals by 80 per cent. EMC provides consulting support and helps our clients develop internal capacity.
  • Prepare First Year initial compliance assessment. Submit to ESDC.
  • Support the implementation and monitoring of the Plan. Maintain and update your workforce data.


Conduct Mid-Point Review of EE plan implementation

This is done to assess progress and efforts in achieving short-term numerical and qualitative measures.

What EMC does:

  • At the mid-point of every 3-year compliance assessment reporting cycle, EMC evaluates your employment equity performance using the measurement tools provided by ESDC.
  • We measure your progress against ESDC’s Compliance Requirement – Reasonable Progress and Reasonable Efforts.
  • We examine quantitative and qualitative goals in your employment equity plan. We complete the Achievement Report.
  • We recommend strategies and actions you may consider to improve performance in anticipation of the formal reporting to ESDC due in 18 months.  Where warranted we revise your short-term goals and report changes to ESDC.


Deliver Subsequent Compliance Assessment Report to ESDC 4 Years after the Award and every 3 years thereafter. Reasonable Progress. Reasonable Efforts

The Assessment evaluates the employer’s progress and/or efforts to achieve full representation of the four designated groups – women, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities – within its workforce.

What EMC does:

  • We assess whether and/or the degree to which the employer has met its short-term numerical goals by at least 80 percent.
  • Failing that, whether the employer must demonstrate that it made reasonable efforts to do so.
  • Prepare and submit the Subsequent Compliance Assessment Report with supporting documentation such as the Achievement Report, Flow Data Analysis, and Workforce Analyses to ESDC.
  • Liaise with ESDC during their assessment to ensure approval.

EMC is committed to the success of our clients. We work collaboratively and our team brings to each engagement the expertise, learnings and organizational know how we have acquired during our many years of consulting practice.

Get Started Today!

If you are a FCP or LEEP employer and you need to comply with Employment Equity Legislation, we can help you get started. Schedule a no-obligation initial consultation with Mr. Keith Jeffers and he will clarify what ESDC and CHRC want, where you currently stand and what you need to do to comply.