Understanding Your Business

How We Work With You

Before we begin the implementation process, we work with you to understand your business and what concerns you may have about this process. We factor these findings into our implementation approach.  We engage with clients in these ways:

We engage with clients in these ways:


Under this arrangement, your internal work team is accountable for ensuring compliance and has hands on responsibility for all compliance activities. We will walk you through the process, provide the necessary tools, templates, instruction and advice at every milestone. We are also available for consultation by the implementation team as required.


We take the lead responsibility to implement Employment Equity / diversity with the assistance of internal resources. This option is preferred by companies that are unable to allocate sufficient internal resources and require a more active and hands-on approach.

Our Commitment to Cost Control & Effective Resource Allocation

The compliance review process is complex, analytical and demanding, and consequences of error are high. Most likely you must choose between allocating scarce internal resources to Employment Equity compliance at the expense of your core business, or you may outsource all or parts of the process. What then is a cost effective solution? Should you use internal resources or should you outsource? Or both?

We recommend a flexible approach structured around your in-house capabilities and capacity.  Our commitment is to deliver results using the most cost effective approach available.  Here are some guidelines:

We suggest that you utilize an expert only in areas where expertise is needed most, such as the employment systems review, the workforce analysis and the development of the Employment Equity plan.

Where hands-on expertise is not essential, our consultants will provide direction and templates for use by your in house team.

We recommend you do not use internal staff in areas where the training curve required to perform at acceptable levels is too high. You may have to bear unacceptable opportunity costs if scarce resources are allocated to Employment Equity compliance.

Throughout the process, our experts will build your internal capacity so are you able to meet ongoing compliance requirements using internal resources.

Adapting Our Services to Your Needs

Our consulting is needs based. We start by listening to get a full understanding of the outcomes you seek, your business needs, pressures and hot button issues.

We will provide a detailed proposal with a statement of work outlining our approach, timing, staffing and costs.

We will provide a detailed accountability chart that specifies ‘who-does-what’, time allocation; statement of roles, responsibilities and working and reporting relationships. This provides you with more clarity on cost structure and the contractual relationship.

We will complement and/or supplement internal resources in program maintenance areas such as – data analysis; WEIMS maintenance; training; ESR policy analysis and organizational diagnosis; change management; development of employment equity initiatives; diversity sourcing and talent acquisition; program monitoring; review and plan revision.

For Companies with an Existing Employment Equity Strategy

We will evaluate the effectiveness of your Employment Equity strategy and program using our Diversity Effectiveness Model and your compliance status against the requirements of the Employment Equity Act and Regulations and the Federal Contractors Program.

Propose strategies to improve program effectiveness that ensure compliance.

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How Our Clients Succeed

The right approach for your specific circumstances.

We deliver compliance. We work with our clients as a strategic business partner to provide strategy, advice, tools and expertise that enable them to comply with all of their obligations as federal contractors and federally regulated employers.

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If you are a FCP or LEEP employer and you need to comply with Employment Equity Legislation, we can help you get started. Schedule a no-obligation initial consultation with Mr. Keith Jeffers and he will clarify what ESDC and CHRC want, where you currently stand and what you need to do to comply.