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Toronto Employment Equity Consultants

We need to comply with Employment Equity Legislation. Now what?
why choose the Employment Equity COMPLIANCE leaders?
Why many of Canada's leading companies choose us.

FCP Compliance

What you need to do to be in compliance.


What you need to do to be in compliance.
Who we are
Employment Matters Consulting is a leading provider of guaranteed employment equity compliance solutions and diversity inclusion strategies to Canada’s leading corporations since 2001.
EMC is named as “one of the best” Diversity/Employment Equity consulting practices in the nation by Canadian HR Reporter.

What we do
We deliver compliance. We work with our clients as a strategic business partner to provide strategy, advice, tools and expertise that enable them to comply with all of their obligations as federal contractors and federally regulated employers.

How Employment Matters Consulting Can Help

We understand the challenges involved with implementing Employment Equity.  We are business consultants who work closely with management to develop the right approach for your company’s specific circumstances. We’re flexible in our approach and can act as advisors or hands-on implementers.  We’re also founded by one of Canada’s leading authorities on Employment Equity, Mr. Keith Jeffers. Find out why many of Canada’s leading companies choose us to help them successfully comply with Employment Equity legislation.
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