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Our consultants possess the expertise to deliver compliance successfully for FCP employers and LEEP employers and we do. Here is a range of services we provide to our clients. The range is not intended to be comprehensive.

  • The Self-Identification Survey - EMC collaboratively designs and administers an employment equity self-identification workforce survey- online and/ or paper and we monitor to ensure 80% response.
  • Communication and Engagement Strategy and Plan – We design and provide communication materials and templates that support management and employee bargaining agent engagement and employment equity program development.
  • Consultation and Collaboration mechanisms- We collaboratively establish and manage the mandated Employment Equity Committee for LEEP clients.
  • Data Management- We develop policy and protocols for the collection, storage and use of employee personal information that protect employee privacy and confidentiality.
  • A reliable employment equity database - Assign and/ or ensure correctness of NOC codes; ensure input specifications and import workforce data to the Workplace Equity Information Management System (WEIMS).
  • Workforce Analysis- Analyze workforce data for patterns of underrepresentation and concentration. Write up the workforce analysis (WFA) narrative.
  • Employment Systems Review - Identify barriers to full representation. Develop qualitative goals- strategies, initiatives and accountability framework and a plan to achieve full representation.
  • Short term and Long Term Numerical Goals – Establish numerical goals.
  • The Employment Equity Plan- for LEEP employers we develop an employment equity plan for submission to CHRC. For FCP employers, we develop the employment equity plan as an internal document to guide plan implementation.
  • Reports for submission to the regulatory agencies- We finalize and ensure the accuracy of reports required by the regulatory agencies- ESDC for FCP clients and CHRC for LEEP clients- to ensure compliance.
  • Ongoing Compliance- We collaboratively develop the mechanisms and organizational processes to review and update the plan;
  • Consulting Support- We assess and detail the organizational impact of employment equity/diversity plan implementation-what it takes to ensure reasonable progress and reasonable efforts to achieve employment equity outcomes. EMC offers WEIMS maintenance; coaching; policy development, training and program development, strengthening of HR systems such as talent acquisition.
  • Managing the relationship with the regulatory agencies- on all matters relating to the compliance file.
  • Capacity Building- training, coaching and job shadowing interventions.
  • Project management and Project planning- to ensure project completion within budget and timeframe

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