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There are three areas for compliance for federally regulated employers

New Employers
Within eighteen months of becoming a federally regulated employer, all new employers must develop and implement an employment equity plan in compliance with the Statutory Requirements.

Compliance Audits. Audit Assessments. Undertakings
The Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) is the regulatory agency responsible for the enforcement of the Act. It conducts regular audits to assess compliance with the 9 statutory requirements, from the Collection of Workforce Information through to Employment Equity Records. The Audit Assessment identifies non-compliance and specifies the measures (the Undertakings) the employer must undertake to remedy non-compliance. The employer may be required to conduct an employment systems review –Statutory Requirement # 3- or to establish and maintain mechanisms to consult and collaborate with with its employees' representatives- Statutory Requirement # 8.

Typically the timeframe for compliance is 4 months and the employer must provide the documentary evidence of its compliance. EMC ensures that the undertakings detailed in the CHRC audit assessment report are fulfilled on time, within budget and in compliance with the criteria of the Legislated Employment Equity Program.

Annual Report
Every year by June 1, federally regulated private-sector employers, Crown corporations and other federal organizations that have 100 or more employees and are subject to the Employment Equity Act must submit employment equity reports to the Labour Program. The individual employer report must provide the previous calendar year's information on their overall workforce and the four designated groups and its performance to plan. These reports are verified to ensure compliance with the reporting requirements.

If you have questions, want more information about your compliance status or want to get started, we will help. Request a no cost consultation today.

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