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FCP Compliance
The FCP applies to non-federally regulated contractors that have a combined workforce in Canada of 100 or more permanent full-time and permanent part-time employees; and have received a federal government contract valued at $1 million or more (including applicable taxes).

The FCP requires employers to implement employment equity to achieve and maintain a workforce that is representative of the Canadian workforce, including members of the four designated groups. If representation gaps exist companies must make all reasonable efforts to close the gaps. This obligation is on-going.

Contractors are required to conduct, develop and maintain:

  • A survey of their workforce on the representation of the four designated groups using a self-identification questionnaire;
  • A workforce analysis (WFA) that compares representation with requisite labour market availability by occupational groups; and
  • Short-term and long-term numeric goals on closing gaps that have been identified where under-representation exists.

First Year Compliance Assessment
Contractors are required to submit to the Labour Program of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC):

  1. One year after the award of an initial contract,
    • Self-identification questionnaire used to collect workforce information;
    • Initial Workforce Analysis; and
    • Annual short-term numeric goals for a period of three years and long-term numeric goals where under-representation exists

Third Year Compliance Assessment

  1. Four years after the award of the contract:
    • Updated WFA;
    • Updated short-term and long-term goals and
    • Completed Achievement Table

Ongoing Compliance Assessment

  1. Every Three years thereafter:
    • Updated WFA;
    • Updated short-term and long-term goals and
    • Completed Achievement Table


Assessments are based on the achievement of representation results and measured against the requirements set out in the Federal Contractors Program.

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