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the business case for Employment equity

Employment equity compliance is a legal requirement for federally regulate employers. It is also a business necessity for federal contractors that wish to continue business with the government of Canada. As an FCP employer, if your company is found in non-compliance, you forfeit its right to bid on government contracts. As a LEEP employer you can be fined. Employment equity does have significant bottom line impact.

To be competitive, companies must access the diversity of talent in the labour force. Underrepresentation of designated groups in your workforce suggests that as an employer you may be denying yourself access to all of the best talent your company needs to be successful. Through Diversity organizations access the best talent in the marketplace and through Inclusion they actively strengthen employee engagement.

A strategically positioned and well- designed employment equity program will attract and retain scarce talent in an increasingly competitive marketplace. With the assistance of an experienced consultant who is able to use effectively the powerful diagnostic tools of employment equity, diversity and inclusion analysis, an employer is able to leverage diversity to improve business performance.

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